Episode 23 – Doug vs Marvel’s Wonder Woman

Doug returns from the grave only to question his belief in the Marvel Universe. Brad talks about Aliens and spaceships. Wonder Woman gets the truth out of Kris, but we still don’t talk about Rogue One.

Episode 19 – The Point Where You Break

Pokemon Go is out, but you’ll have to wait until the end of the cast if you want to hear Kris nerdgasm. Doug has deep, dark secret that proves you should never listen to his opinions. Ever.

Episode 18 – Sometimes Beer

No beer was discussed on this podcast. Some movies, TV shows and video games, however, were thoroughly discussed.

Episode 17 – Civil War Will DOOM Us All

Which is why eternal Overwatch by some Nice Guys is necessary.

If you can’t tell, the guys talk about new movie releases Captain America: Civil War and Nice Guys. Doug and Kris have played the DOOM reboot, while Kris has also gotten hooked by Blizzard’s new game, Overwatch.

Also, Battletoads is a really, really difficult video game.

Episode 16 – The Couch Awakens

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there were three guys and a couch. Well, they’re back! Doug, Brad and Kris are still alive and kicking, back to tell you all about their thoughts on The Force Awakens and how the podcast is transitioning to cover professional wrestling full time. Email your questions to questions@CalloftheCouch.com or follow us on Twitter @CalloftheCouch.

Episode 15 – Sportscenter

This is Sportscenter with your hosts Brad, Doug and Kris. Back from a long hiatus, the guys are chomping at the bit to discuss all the latest and greatest happenings from the world of sports, THE reason our listeners tune in to this amazing podcast.

Episode 14 – How Much ‘Ya Bench?

The guys return from an extended hiatus with a vengeance. Doug talks about Gone Girl and Fury, the guys discuss their continued love for Brooklyn 99 and their hope for the slew of superhero shows coming out and returning this fall. Kris explains at length why Shadow of Mordor is great, but you shouldn’t buy it for last-gen consoles. Brad just sort of sits there all episode. Finally, the guys read their first reader mail!