Episode 13 – Fargo Spoilercast!

Warning! In this episode we discuss the TV show “Fargo (2014)” at length. The guys talk a quick Box Office and then dive in to “Fargo”.

Episode 12 – “Team Jacob”

It’s blockbuster season as Brad, Doug and Kris discuss Godzilla, X-MEN: Days of Future Past and the disappointing Amazing Spiderman 2. Kris’ gaming past comes back to haunt him while Doug talks about playing Diablo 3 the way it was meant to be played.

Episode 9 – “Ruined Childhoods”

Brad, Doug and Kris are back with another content-packed episode. Topics include an unfortunate discussion on the merits of Clash of Clans, the Oscars, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Episode 7 – “A Face for Radio”

Brad, Doug and Kris are simply having a wonderful Christmastime with their special guest John. The guys discuss their top 3 favorite Christmas movies, how Dogfish Head packs 120 minutes into their IPA and a video game that teaches you the guitar.

Episode 6 – “Lane Bryant Racist”

Doug, Brad and Kris dig into some “heavy” topics, discussing women’s plus size clothing and Twelve Years a Slave. Brad get’s a “new” video game. There are a lot of “air quotes” in this episode. It’s Thanksgiving, just in time for New Years?

Episode 5 – “Roadhouse Ghost”

The guys are all back with the Views, Brews and Pew Pews. Discussed: The Hobbit, Most Anticipated Winter Movies, Gravity, Agents of Shield, Brooklyn 99, COD Ghosts, TECMO Superbowl, Tomb Raider, Blizz Con and others

Episode 4 – “Blurred Lines”

Doug and Kris talk favorite TV shows, which also happen to be their least favorite TV shows, and GTA V. Sorry for the audio quality issues, we’re moving to a brand new studio for the next episode.